Sneaky Dragon Episode 208

by David Dedrick on November 28, 2015

Bonjour, mes Sneakers! Welcome to our actual, true, one hundred percent real fourth anniversary episode – Episode 208.  This week things start out really smooth before getting really rough. Ian and Dave bring you more candy talk as they crunch on Popeye cigarettes and remember mouth-gashing O-Pee-Chee bubblegum; Ian calls for a re-think on the name “Black Friday“; they discuss doughnuts; Dave doesn’t want to offend anybody but…Nazis; Dave has a Donovan story and tells us about Buffy St. Marie on The Johnny Cash Show; Ian wants to know about K-Tel Records – Dave is there to misinform him; Ian likes “As Made for TV” stores; Dave listens to an old show and thinks they sucked; favourite dragons gets a call back; and, finally, the fourth anniversary is…

Here is Buffy on The Johnny Cash Show:

And here is the classic “I Love Onions”:

And the commercial for Turtles chocolates that Ian and Dave fondly remember (Take a drink!):

Thanks for listening.

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 207

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 205

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 204

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Episode 203

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 202

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 201

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Nina’s Gifts

October 8, 2015
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We’re not sure if you remember way back to Episode 100 – our first live anniversary show with guests David M. and Ben Mills – but it was at that show that Nina Matsumoto handed me an envelope with the instruction that I not open it until she had gone. When I opened it I […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 200

October 3, 2015
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Woah! The big two-oh-oh! Yes, Sneaky Dragon reached its two hundredth episode and we did it live! Ian and Dave were joined by friends of the show Colin Upton, Pia Guerra, Kathleen Gros and David M. to discuss Asterix absolutely; perform some sketches; uncover The Flinstones; travel back in time; take a slang challenge; and […]

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