Sneaky Dragon Episode 141

by David Dedrick on August 16, 2014


Buon giorno, Sneakers! Ian and Dave are a little tired this week – Ian performed the night before in a show that he strangely neglected to promote on the show the week before and it turns out that Dave is a bit of a podcast tramp and talked himself out on somebody else’s podcast. Meanwhile, Ian thinks Dave can magically predict our futures; Dave’s daughter is not prepared for stuff she already likes to be shoved down her throat; The Happening happened to Ian and Dave has to find out what happened; both of them say no to phone pranks so hit the road Jerky Boys and your disgusting ilk; Ian says no to phone conversations in general, but yes to Bob Newhart; he’s said it before, but Dave is just so fed up with Monty Python, but he thinks Firesign Theater was pretty great; actually, Dave thinks Monty Python is pretty great too or we’d believe him if he and Ian could remember a single minute of any of their films; Ian tells us that the 70s were a hard time for astronauts; and finally they end the show with a typically sensitive farewell to Robin Williams.

Don’t forget to go see Dave perform last night at The Prophouse!

Thanks for listening.

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