May 2012

The Last Links of Disco

by David Dedrick on May 28, 2012

Hello, dragoneers! Ian has gone to a lot of trouble and posted a bunch of links onto our Facebook page. It’s the least I could do to re-post them here. Ready? Set? Go!

First, we talked about how all drugs are legal in Canada. That is how I was able to afford the voluminous amounts of heroin I used to get through my sugar fast. Still, you have to be sensible and use dangerous drugs like crack in small amounts:

Or maybe none?

Definitely none then.

When Ian and I were in high school, Canada was swept by fitness-o-mania. Each year we were tested for our fitness levels under a program called Participaction.

This ad wasn’t true, but the dark side of public healthcare is governmental attempts to control health choices. It’s a trade-off, but that rope-climbing test was horrible!

Ian quoted this movie during the show. While you watch it, listen to the music. It’s terrible! Also, why is the dirigible leaving, but all the luggage is still on the ground?

I thought Ian’s quote was from this movie:

Gary Oldman also did not have a ticket. So I was partly right! It’s a win-win.

Ian brought up thickets and couldn’t quite believe it was a real word! Yes, Ian, thickets can contain prickle bushes.

Is this a new Internet mèmé like planking?

I love that people do that!

Sometimes in life you’re shocked and horrified to discover…

Can obvious fitness junkie Alan Thicke make it up to us by writing this theme song?


One of my favourite directors wrote and directed this great film:

The head shakes make that final scene. He also wrote and directed…

(Probably no one is chuckling more at these clips then I am.) Have you guessed who it is yet? That’s right. It’s…

(Thanks, Ian, for all these great clips, by the way. Usually this is torture for me.) That’s the reason I abandoned my daughters in America to go see…

Really! They were okay with it! They have wi-fi devices to wile away the hours.

We shouldn’t really leave this subject without a clip from The Last Days of Disco:

We talked a little bit about Smallville, a show I have never seen. You can watch the rousing finale when mopey Clark Kent stops dithering a finally becomes Superman here. I’m sure it was pretty unexpected when it finally happened.

We talked a little bit more about Psycho this episode and I brought up one of Ian’s favourite shows:

The reason I started talking about Emergency! was because in the first season, in an episode called “Brushfire”, there was a scene using the Psycho house as someone’s residence that needed to be evacuated. It was interesting because it was clearly the Psycho house, but no big deal was made of it. Ian wondered if the motel still existed on the Universal lot or just the house.

This video answers the question. I didn’t think the motel was still there, but this video proves me wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I almost caused Christmas to be cancelled one year. (Well, only at my house.) The other time it almost happened was a near global disaster:

I told a story on the show about blowing the whole stork story wide open one day in the car with my mom and brothers. Ian thinks we should have just watched this show:

Ian thinks this is a more likely delivery method:

Finally, let’s end on a show I watched as a child. It always followed The World of Disney on a Sunday night and ended the weekend on a nice note: The Beachcombers!


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