August 2012

Becky Dreistadt Paints Like A Muthah!

by David Dedrick on August 30, 2012

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Here is some fun footage of Becky Dreistadt painting one of her wonderful paintings in a time-lapse video from Rainn Wilson’s new YouTube channel, Soul Pancake.

Becky does a fun webcomic with Frank Gibson called Tiny Kitten Teeth and I have a couple of highly-prized pen sketches by her on some collections I bought at Emerald City and VANCAF this year. (They seem to be at all the shows so you should drop by and say hi.)

I’m jealous! (Although apparently this painting actually took 14 hours to complete. The time-lapse makes it look so easy!)


Links of Destruction!

August 27, 2012
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A shiny, new Sneaky Dragon means some dusty, old video links. Ian has posted these moth-eaten videos on our Sneaky Dragon Facebook page and I feel it’s a service to you, dear website visitor, to post them here. (Of course I can’t resist editorializing.) First up, we talked about Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower of […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 38

August 25, 2012
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Hi everybody! Welcome back to another episode of Sneaky Dragon! This week Ian decides to start the countdown; Dave is unimpressed by the rooftops of London;Ian accuses singer Bobby Womack of baldness; Dave proves he isn’t a welcher; Ian gets really mad at the CBC; Dave fulminates against slow drivers; and they spend some time […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 37

August 19, 2012
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  It was really hot in the studio when the boys were recording this week’s Sneaky Dragon. Both Ian and Dave looked like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark – there are some comments about the heat. Also, Ian tells an interesting story and Dave tells an uninteresting one; they […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 36

August 12, 2012
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Hi Sneaky fans! This is Ian and Dave’s first show together in over a month and oh! the rust! They’ve run through a month of pre-recorded shows while Dave was away in Great Britain and now it’s time for those two bums to get back to work! On this week’s episode, Ian and Dave obviously […]

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Unidentified Linking Oddballs

August 9, 2012
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Well, I’m back from England, but that doesn’t make catching up on the backlog of links posts easy. No, it actually makes it harder by taking away a really good excuse! Here’s some links for Episode 32 with our special guest, Mike Roberds who is perhaps best known for his role as Uncle Fester on […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 35

August 4, 2012
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With Tucker Stone. This episode Ian and Dave are joined by Tucker Stone, one of the best writers in comics criticism today. (That’s right. You can take your Jeet Heers and their measured comics criticism and throw them out the fucking window, man!) You can find Tucker’s writings on his own blog at The Factual […]

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