October 2012

Sneaky Dragon Episode 47

by David Dedrick on October 28, 2012

Hello, Sneaky friends! This week Ian and Dave were pleased as punch when listener Nick Vuono sent in a new theme for Sneaky Dragon. Listen with surprise and awe – just like Ian and Dave did.

Also this week: Dave admits to a sad lack of trout-related knowledge; Ian maintains that card games are for old ladies – especially the card game, Old Maid; they wonder how so-so looking Phil Collins took over Genesis and Bob Hoskins’ acting career (almost); Ian’s troubles with former girlfriends are discussed in uncomfortable detail (although it’s Dave who brings the details, admittedly); finally, they read through listener Tom Callaway’s Top Ten list of movies and his controversial Top Five overrated films. Both Ian and Dave are outraged!

Episode 5o will be a listener’s questions show. Don’t forget to write Ian and Dave a question you would like answered! You can contact them via email, here in the comments section on the website or on their Sneaky Dragon Facebook page.

Thanks for listening!


Sneaky Dragon Episode 46

October 21, 2012
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Hello, all you Sneaky Dragon fans out there! This week David said “good-bye and good riddance” to a fellow podcasting duo and rival show (one down, four thousand, two hundred and six to go); Ian visited David’s stomping grounds and declared his area of residence “sinister”; Dave told a story about “doing a donkey”; it […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 45

October 13, 2012
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Hello, friends of sneakiness! Here is the latest and the greatest! The best podcast currently on the internet waves! Listen to any other podcast and compare it to ours and I’m sure you’ll agree all the other podcasts are a pile of poo! Phew. We’re trying to learn to toot our own horn here at […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 44

October 7, 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving, Sneaky Dragonettes! Well, it’s Thanksgiving in Canada where we don’t like to withhold our thanks until November due to our fear of God’s reprisals! This week Ian and Dave also celebrate the upcoming release of Dave Sim’s Cerebus: High Society Digital Audio Edition on October 10 by talking about their appearance with Dave […]

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