January 2013

Sneaky Dragon Episode 60

by David Dedrick on January 26, 2013


With Shane Nelken. This week on Sneaky Dragon, musician and great fellow, Shane Nelken dropped by to talk with David and Ian about his upcoming album which he’s currently funding through Indie-Go-Go (you can find it here). They had so much fun, they didn’t want to stop the show! There was lots to talk about this week – almost too many to list – but David once again proves he is the worst at introducing guests in the history of podcasting; Ian and Shane talk/complain/reminisce about working at the CBC where Shane does a very funny advice show; the show gets very, very Canadian (sorry); Shane describes his crowdfunding campaign; he tells Ian and Dave about meeting Sneaky Dragon theme song composers Belle and Sebastian; about playing on the David Letterman show; about several of his commercial ventures; and just how he got Morgan Freeman to do the voiceover for his Indie-Go-Go video; the mention of Morgan Freeman gives Dave the opportunity to be fantastically wrong about something…again; and Shane closes the show with a beautiful solo song.

And we prove that if you want to fund a project, don’t come on Sneaky Dragon. Just kidding! There’s NO better way to raise money! Here’s that link again: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/237843?c=home

Thanks for listening!


More Process!

January 20, 2013
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For fans of process posts, here’s a little one with some of the early roughs and pencils from two recent title cards that I really enjoyed drawing and think were particularly successful: It’s kind of hard to explain how I come up with title cards for each show. After each title card is done, I […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 59

January 19, 2013
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Hello, Sneaky friends! This week on Sneaky Dragon THE GREAT DEBATE! Dave and Ian argue and argue about whether you are an artist. That’s right! YOU! Ian says yes; Dave says no. (Unless you’re an artist – then he says “yes) They also talk about McLean’s Magazine, McLean’s toothpaste and Colonel McLean Stevenson; Jerry Seinfeld’s […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 58

January 12, 2013
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Hello, y’all! (is an example of elision). Also, welcome to Sneaky Dragon! This week on on the show, Dave talks about his visit to the dentist; somehow talking about dentist offices leads to a discussion of Genesis (the Bible, not the band); Dave can’t resist singing the praises of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service again; […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 57

January 5, 2013
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Happy New Year to all our favourite listeners! To all our unfavourite listeners: meh. This week on Sneaky Dragon, Ian and Dave are all alone after a month of guests. Dave comes out against swearing; Ian can’t resist giving A Christmas Carol one last kick before the season is over; Ian and Dave wonder if […]

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