April 2013

Sneaky Dragon Episode 73

by David Dedrick on April 27, 2013


With Pia Guerra! Ian and Dave went to Vancouver Fan Expo for their first ever live recording of Sneaky Dragon. They were joined by artist Pia Guerra who is the co-creator of the comic and popular internet movie rumour, Y: The Last Man. The show is a bit shorter than usual due to a technical glitch – also know as an ID10T error (or Dave is dumb); the exact nature of which will become obvious in the first few seconds of the show. Besides the sparkling wit and bonhomie of the missing five minutes of the podcast, Ian, Dave and Pia discussed cosplay, child-rearing and the cast list of Xena: Warrior Princess. Also, Dave attacks to audience; Ian attacks Dave; should parents ban Pokemon; at what age should children watch Buffy the vampire Slayer and the Evil Dead movies (you may disagree with Dave’s answer); Dave comes down hard on Toys and Heaven’s Gate (finally!) (but somebody had to do it!); Ian wishes he wouldn’t; Pia doesn’t like Disney; and Dave’s daughters Myllis and Phyllis make something of an appearance.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! You were great! Don’t forget that Ian and Dave will be making an appearance at VANCAF on May 26 at 3:00. Admission is free for this show so you have absolutely no excuse for not coming! (Unless, you know, you have other things to do.)

This week’s title card was suggested by Phyllis! (Thanks, dear.)


Sneaky Dragon Episode 72

April 20, 2013
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It’s Sneaky Dragon time! It’s Sneaky Dragon time! Huzzah1 Huzzah! Welcome back, fellow fans of sneakiness. Ian and Dave are getting ready for their live podcast at the Vancouver Fan Expo, but that doesn’t mean that this episode gets short shrift – quite the opposite, in fact (they plan to coast and take it easy […]

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Ian and Dave At Fan Expo

April 19, 2013
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If you’re in the Vancouver area this weekend, don’t miss your chance to see Ian and Dave live at Vancouver Fan Expo. They will be doing a live taping of Sneaky Dragon with special guest and returning champion Pia Guerra, penciller and co-creator of Y:The Last Man. The live taping will be at 11:00 am […]

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What Is Dave Doing?!? – Part 2

April 15, 2013

Welcome back, my Sneaky friends, to the review column that never ends. Uh…because I’m always doing stuff and reading stuff and, you know, like that. Anyway, after that verbal dexterity, let’s see WHAT DAVE IS DOING?!? READING: Anthony Trollope’s The Kellys and the O’Kellys Yes, my Trollope marathon continues with his second published book and […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 71

April 13, 2013
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Hi Sneaky Friends! Welcome to Episode 71 of Sneaky Dragon. This week: Dave’s got nothin’; Ian’s got something against cartoon relatives; Dave reveals the seamy underside of hockey; Ian thinks he knows what jai alai is; Aztec basketball is mentioned, as are severed heads and bowls full of spiders; Ian is continuing his sugar fast […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 70

April 6, 2013
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With Jason Dedrick. This week on Sneaky Dragon, David’s cousin Jason returns and it’s a long one! (As the showgirl said to the bishop.) Ian, David and Jason tackle a listener’s questions and discuss board games and some of their favourite music. Ian switches places with Dave and starts a sugar fast – only he […]

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The Title Card That Never Was

April 2, 2013
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It’s never happened before in the sixty-eight previous title cards I’ve drawn, but this week for Episode 69 I had to scrap a cover and change my plans. The destruction of the Eiffel Tower is almost as common as the destruction of Big Ben. With Ian returning from Paris, I thought it would be funny […]

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What Is Dave Doing?!?

April 1, 2013
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Hi Sneaky friends! I really like to read books and listen to music so in order to bump up the content on our website, I thought I’d keep a little journal called: WHAT IS DAVE DOING?!?   READING: Anthony Trollope’s The Macdermots of Ballycloran Call me crazy, but I decided to read or, in most […]

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