December 2013

It’s the Linkiest Season of All!

by David Dedrick on December 30, 2013


Oh boy, it’s been awhile since we posted a bunch of video links here at Sneaky Dragon, but Ian found a whole bunch of them related to the show so let’s go back to the good old days when people really knew how to celebrate Christmas! (Like last year.)

First, Ian brought up how everyone in Scrooge’s future are assholes.  Dave was not convinced, but Ian has provided irrefutable proof in the form of a Mr. Magoo cartoon:

Case closed…? I don’t think the Cratchits were assholes, but my standards are lower than Ian’s, I guess. Here is the future section from the 1951 Alistair Sim version (and the best), in which you can see what a jerk everyone is:

Jerks or not jerks, I think we can all agree that Scrooge deserved to go to Hell as he did in this scene deleted from most versions of the 1970 version of the story with Albert Finney:

Seems a little harsh, ghosts!

The other controversy during the show was THE GREAT SAUCE CONTROVERSY OF 2013 – BERNAISE VS. HOLLANDAISE!


Hollandaise sauce – the sauce for people who don’t like flavour.

Bernaise sauce! So yummy.

I didn’t know this, but a busy Ian has a made a film about some of the new developments in his life:

But that’s all he can say about it!

Finally, Jason and I brought up some of the popular songs of the past that our dads would sing in the kitchen, like Minnie the Mermaid.

That’s jazz! And that’s it! But before we go, let’s leave on one of Ian’s favourite Christmas songs!



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