June 2014

Sneaky Dragon Episode 134

by David Dedrick on June 28, 2014


With Jeff Ellis. Hola, Sneakers! This week we are joined in the studio by Cloudscape’s head honcho Jeff Ellis. Cloudscape is a Vancouver comics collective that gets a lot done on the local comics scene and Jeff is a big reason for that. He also writes and draws Teach English in Japan with co-writer Jonathon Dalton and is currently working on a new, as-yet-untitled project set in East Vancouver, a former working class, then boho, now gentrifying Vancouver  neighbourhood. Plus he teaches! What a busy guy!

Things got off to a rough start this week, but when everything got rolling we heard Ian’s shocking confession of his criminal past; Jeff face the place of birth controversy head on; Dave take a couple of phone calls; Jeff wisely change the title of his webcomic; a potted history of Vancouver’s many comics collectives; how to run successful crowd-funding; Ian’s outrage over cereal commercials; some nuts and bolts about story development; Sneaky Dragon is the best podcast to ink to; and finally, Dave makes a dire prediction.

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts on the website at the Sneaky Dragon store. Also, if you feel like it, vote for Sneaky Dragon in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver readers poll. Dave really wants a clean third place finish with no tie this time.

Jeff’s work can be found at various places on the Web: his webcomic Teach English in Japan can be found here; his website is here – you can find out about his upcoming projects and, finally, if you live in the Vancouver area and are interested in comics, take a look at the Cloudscape website for upcoming activities.

Thanks for listening.


The Beatles Movies

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 133

June 21, 2014
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Sneaky Dragon Episode 132

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Abbey Road

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It’s the end of the road (see what I did there?) for Compleatly Beatles‘ look at all the Beatles’ albums – song by song, album by album. We did it! We hope you enjoyed this journey from Please Please Me – an album recorded in one day – to Abbey Road – an album with one […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 131

June 7, 2014
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Hello, friendly Sneakers! And unfriendly ones too! What the hell. This week on Sneaky Dragon, Ian and Dave are back from VanCAF so they talk a little bit about that; Ian tells us about his new stepfather; Dave reveals he is forty-years older than everybody else; a former guest tells Dave to suck it; Dave […]

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