October 2014

Sneaky Dragon Episode 151

by David Dedrick on October 26, 2014


Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to the Episode 150 hangover edition! Ian and Dave are both feeling a little talked out, but, true to form, that doesn’t stop them from more of their peculiar non-stop blabbing. This week: some bad news for David and “Myllis”; Ian doesn’t like Night Court and he doesn’t like Cheers – David has come to praise Cheers; no matter how much Ian complains about the limited selection of breakfast foods, Dave won’t go for tossed salad and scrambled eggs; Ian doesn’t like clowns – particularly of the killer variety – Dave has come to praise them; Dave has not come to praise Stephen King though; Dave has a warning about the movie The Counselor; Ian saw The Skeleton Twins so he and Dave play “Indie Movies by Number”; hashtag Gamergate; hashtag Ian doesn’t like hashtags; hashtag all the more reason for Dave to say hashtag; finally, Percy Bysshe Shelley Long. Hashtag!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our fabulously long Question and Answer show. Your questions made it a blast. Don’t forget to send us your address so we can send you a prize package for helping out. Send it to sneakyd@sneakydragon.com.

Thanks for listening.

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