February 2016

Sneaky Dragon Episode 221

by David Dedrick on February 27, 2016


This week on Sneaky Dragon: post-surprise party comedown! Ian and Dave take a moment to look back at Dave’s surprise birthday party. Also, things Ian and Dave shouldn’t talk about: science: Ian is right; more about Adam and Eve; Dave insults 16% of the world’s population; remember Aristarchus; exhaustive religiosity with a somewhat incoherent Dave; Ian equates religion to abuse; Dave doesn’t like Gnosticism; Dave gets a name very wrong; an installment of A Dollop of Trollope; Pride and Prejudice: The Play – a review by Dave; finally, our lists of the Top 5 comedians that Ian and Dave were supposed to put together for last week’s show: Maria Bamford, Buster Keaton, Paul F. Tompkins, W.C. Fields, Matt Groening, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Woody Allen and Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright are Ian and Dave’s choices. Listen and they’ll tell you why.

Thanks for listening.

Department of Corections:

Unfortunately, when you’re talking off the top of your head (or out of your own a**) as Dave tends to do, you can make mistakes. Although, Dave was correct to suggest that Aristarchus presented the first known model of a sun-centered universe, he was not Egyptian, but Greek. Also, please note that when Dave kept saying Constantinople, he meant Emperor Constantine.

Because we love it so, here is Every Frame A Painting’s video essay about Buster Keaton, The Art of the Gag:

From the same series, How to Do Visual Comedy featuring the work of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg:

(I might be including this because he agrees with David and Ian’s complaints about modern comedy.)

Someone has posted this on YouTube and it’s a great film so what the heck:


Dave’s Surprise Party!!!

February 27, 2016

We had a lot of fun last week at Dave’s Surprise Birthday Party as you can see in the photos below. We would like to thank all our friends and guests for dropping by and sharing in the celebration of the big rollover of Dave’s age odometer. Here’s a picture of the gang with Dave […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 220

February 20, 2016
Thumbnail image for Sneaky Dragon Episode 220

Happy birthday, Sneakers!!! To Dave, that is. For this week’s show, Dave’s wife Lezah and Ian put together a surprise party for Dave and invited lots of friends of the show to drop by so we have lots of guests this week. Visits from Jason Dedrick, Kathleen Gros, Louise Moon, Mike Roberds, Pia Guerra, Vicki […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 219

February 13, 2016
Thumbnail image for Sneaky Dragon Episode 219

“Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody there?” as Phil Ochs once said and we say, “Welcome to Sneaky Dragon!” And you can say, “Thanks!” Also, you can listen to Ian and Dave discuss audience laughter; Ian’s most humiliating moment as an audience member; Dave’s questionable taste; who is really so vain; how to write a […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 218

February 6, 2016
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Hello, hello, hello, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 218 of this year’s model podcast: Sneaky Dragon! Here is all you have to know about this week’s show: after three weeks without one, Dave has a new phone; Ian comes up with a “million dollar” idea; Dave knows little – oh, let’s be honest – nothing about […]

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