March 2016

Sneaky Dragon Episode 225

by David Dedrick on March 26, 2016


Good day, Sneakers! Welcome to our significant because it’s divisible by 5 and half of fifty episode of Sneaky Dragon! This week on the show: Dave feels the Bern; we introduce a new segment: “Well, Fuck It”; Dave meets a lunatic; Ian requests “Free Bird”; Dave gets a visit from “Two Pipes”; Dave’s truck rant; lots of BJs; Ian goes to Kelowna; Dave plays the mosquito; Ian experiences old-time seating; driving the Coq [pronounce “Coke”]; Dave the failed scenester; Ian would prefer you didn’t poke him; will Dave or Ian go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; their favourite Batman movie; Dave enjoyed Pee Wee’s Big Holiday; Ian enjoyed the second season of Daredevil; a lament for confusing movies; and, finally, a little teaser: we have a guest next week.

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Department of Corections:

As usual, Dave’s brain wasn’t working. Here are the actual CDs he got with the correct names and titles [the one with the egg on it is Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born]:

Dave's CDs

Ian and Dave really liked these two shows on Netflix:



Sneaky Dragon Episode 224

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 223

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 222

March 5, 2016
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Hello, Sneakers! This week the exciting three of the same numbers in a row episode! (We won’t see another one like it for 111 more episodes.) Ian honours this episode’s number with a discussion of the classic TV show Room 222. Don’t care? Don’t worry. Dave hasn’t seen it either. Speaking of 222, Ian doesn’t […]

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