June 2016

Sneaky Dragon Episode 238

by David Dedrick on June 25, 2016


Ciao, Sneakers! Welcome to another fun episode of Sneaky Dragon – the show that keeps on giving. This week Ian and Dave get serious – serious about starting the show with a dumb skit; serious about life in small towns; serious about Father’s Day; serious about family dynamics; serious about how we live with our brothers and sisters; serious about our moms and dads and being moms and dads; serious about being the oldest in the family and now that shapes us; serious about sibling rivalry; serious about parent panic; and serious about punching your dad; also, the most serious question of our lifetimes; are you a madebeditarian or an anti-madebeditarian?

Thanks for listening!

And please don’t forget to think up some questions for our upcoming Listener’s Questions Episode. As per usual, we’ll have goody bags for all participants and a grand prize that we’ll raffle off to one lucky questioneer. Every question equals one chance so the more questions you ask – the more chances you have to win! Contact us via Twitter, Facebook, email (you can click on the boxes on the right hand side of the screen) or write to us via the comments section here on the website.

Whose final answer was the best? You decide!


Sneaky Dragon Episode 237

June 18, 2016
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Hola, Sneakers! Another week, another episode of Sneaky Dragon. Ian and Dave are like a machine!!! Stuck in neutral. This week on the show: some interesting smells; it’s a disaster…again! Part Three…The Concorde Adventure in Sensurround: let’s take a trip through upside=down boats; horrible deaths; how do spiders move; let’s try to fix Indiana Jones […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 236

June 11, 2016
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Hi, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 236 of Sneaky Dragon – the show that keeps on giving…people gas? I guess… Anyhoo…this week on the show: Ian is having a birthday and Dave says, “Meh”; Airport redux – just when you thought you were safe from mediocrity, Ian returns with more Airport films: some good; one bad; […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 235

June 4, 2016
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Ciao, Sneakers! We can’t stop making this show and you can’t stop listening to it. Well, you could, but we don’t recommend it. This week on the show: it’s time to spring back for Sneaky Dragon; we want your answers; old-time phone calls; phoneys, foneys and boneys; audience attention grabber: the Aldergrove Telephone Museum featuring […]

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