October 2016

Sneaky Dragon Episode 256

by David Dedrick on October 29, 2016


Hello, hello, Sneakers! Ian is back from France and so what did he and Dave talk about? Er…France?

Yes, this week on the show, Ian and Dave discuss jet lag, French Hallowe’en; French cities that start with “M:; upskirts; MacDonald’s in foreign lands; Simpsons “fans”; everyone needs validation; unclear French greetings; the “L”s of French eating: lengthy and lots; plumbing the French depths; Communist enthusiasm; too much character; obscure inspirations; tricky Chicks; legalistic ladders; those darn Catholics; animal animal cruelty; rest in peace, Vine; and, finally, there’s a ghost in my house.

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 255

October 22, 2016
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Hello, Sneakers! Ian is away in France this week and yet he’s on the show. How did they do this??? Sorcery!!! This week on the show: some quality banter; bee admiration; work buddies; group dynamics; Dave the bully; Avengers as the Archie gang; Ian hates magic (so much); the Supergirl TV show gets the thumbs […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 254

October 15, 2016
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Hello, Sneakers! The court ruling has come down and Ian is back on the show again! Hooray! This week, Ian and Dave discuss Ian’s sad news about his cat; life’s hard truth; Nina’s wonderful Sneaky Dragon drawing; Dave’s minimal effort; our Thanksgiving celebrations; Canadian Thanksgiving for Americans; a C.H.i.P.s controversy; mix tapes as mental illness; […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 253

October 8, 2016
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Ciao, Sneakers! We are sorry to tell you, but Ian received some bad news on Thursday and could not do the show this week so Dave is flying solo for this episode. Please be gentle to our lonely Sneaker as he tries out one of the sidecast ideas mentioned on the question show: Mix Tape! […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 252

October 1, 2016
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Hello, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 252 of Sneaky Dragon! Does it feel weird? This week on the show, Ian has returned from the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo and he has brought back some stories and a game given to us by listener and web cartoonist Caanan Grall. Canaan gave Ian a box containing a […]

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