November 2017

Sneaky Dragon Episode 311

by David Dedrick on November 18, 2017


Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 311! This week Ian and Dave are joined by Third Dragon Nina Matsumoto, who celebrates her birthday by discussing preferred facial hair; designing t-shirts for Fangamer; eating Ian’s poisoned bon-bons; looking up a giant beanstalk; returning to the apple controversy; eating Halloween apples; quoting a lot of Wikipedia; describing her dog’s weird fear; talking booze balls; getting in a widget controversy; listing foreign X-Men; wondering about historical body swapping; getting down on Funko Pops; virtually enjoying reality; playing stress dream video games; committing bulk theft; giving some background to the Sparks! creative process; feeling blah about the Death Note movie; spoiling Stranger Things 2; hearing about Louis C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy; bringing a gift of questionable taste; taking part in Chick Talkā„¢; and, finally, acknowledging the existence of American Thanksgiving.

Thanks for listening.

The fascinating (to Dave) design of the aluminum can:

The stress game that Nina loves:

That controversial film:


Sneaky Dragon Episode 310

November 11, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 310 of the least popular shoebox on the Internet! This week on the show: “How ya doin?”; ointments and unguents; a lot of littles; too many Daves; Ian’s middle name; what we learn from school fights; high school or death cult; character actor limits; Dave’s bad whatchamacallit; Nina’s mutant ability; […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 309

November 4, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to our newest episode yet! Sneaky Dragon Episode 309. This week Ian and Dave are doing it again: doing a lot of tangents – from The Great Gatsby to Chilliwack (the town) to Chillieack (the band) to The Collectors to Chilliwack (the band) to Chilliwack (the town) to The Great Gatsby.They have […]

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