November 2017

Sneaky Dragon Episode 312

by David Dedrick on November 25, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to the actual, real, true, and absolutely factual sixth anniversary show of Sneaky Dragon! Ian and Dave celebrate by…

…not really doing anything different. Just talking.

This week they talk about first grade learnin’; silent reading; schools on film; outdoor locker theft; the wonders of the Minidisc; our animal listenership; no water on Mars; the copycat American Thanksgiving; monochromatic Woody Allen films; another look at I Love You, Daddy; portraying sympathetic rich jerks; Dave’s comeuppance; cute racists; poor musical parenting; a Thunder Bay knock; Canada’s failed film industry; fond Canadian memories; friendly giants; local TV kids shows; obscure animated kids shows; cowboy magic; a Hinterland Who’s Who theme song controversy; and, finally, jazz cats.

Thanks for listening.

The wonders of the Minidisc:

Despite Ian’s outrage, here is two pipes and a bassoon on the Friendly Giant:

That obscure French cartoon Dave watched as a burnt-out student:


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