March 2018

Sneaky Dragon Episode 328

by David Dedrick on March 17, 2018

Ciao, Sneakers! Welcome to a musical episode of Sneaky Dragon this week as Dave tackles your Top 5 songs on a subject of your choice.

But first we’ll have to wade through a lot of nonsense to get to that, including: a false start; some heart mockery; an unlucky episode; seagulls and french fry pants; a phone call with commentary; everyone having a “thing”; some happy sad memories and littering; the Switzerland of food; the longest scene; some movie recommendations for Meditation Park and Game Night; what Canadian movies are; some terrible movie trailers; patented transitions; turning off the show; the most villainous name; some Richie Rich trivia and trivial nonsense; music travails; the theme from Cars; disappointing Hanna-Barbera themes; political humour; and, finally, Dave’s Top 5 cat songs as requested by Louise.

Here are Dave’s Top 5 cat songs:
1) “Tyger” by No Fun from the 1984 album Snivel
2) “Phenomenal Cat” by The Kinks from the 1968 album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
3) “Black Cat” by Boy from the 2004 album Every Page You Turn
4) “Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)” by Prefab Sprout from the 1982 7″ single b/w “Radio Love”
5) “Alley Cat” [or “Meow Meow”] by Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones from the 2005 album Clamtones B.C.

with bonus song:
“Wimoweh 5 1/2 Years Later” by The Tokens from the 1967 album It’s A Happening World

Thanks for listening.

A trailer for a very good movie:

(Don’t watch the trailer for Game Night! Too many spoilers! Just see it.)

A trailer for a very bad movie:


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