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Sad News

by David Dedrick on May 16, 2016

Mike Roberds

Hi, Sneakers. This is an especially sad post to write today. Our very good friend and a great friend to the show, Mike Roberds, unexpectedly passed away late Sunday night.

Mike was a funny, kind, generous man – a wonderful friend and son and uncle and mentor – and his death leaves a big hole in so many people’s lives. I hope he knows he was loved and how much Ian and I enjoyed his company, and how much we looked forward to seeing him every time we could get him on the show. Death is always sad, but our sadness means that we knew someone who was worth knowing, who cared for us and who brought joy into our lives.

The last time Mike was on the show was for my fiftieth birthday celebration and I’m so glad he made it down to visit. I was lucky enough to have him over at our house for a family and friends birthday celebration and I can honestly say that he had a great time laughing and telling stories. We had spoken about him coming on the show in June, but I guess that’s not to be now.

I’m sure longtime listeners have fond memories of Mike too. He was such a great guest and really got what Ian and I do each week. Here are some links to the episodes featuring Mike. I wish we had more…

From July 14, 2012 – Episode 32 – Actor, writer and funny guy Mike Roberds joins Ian and Dave in the Sneaky Dragon studio for episode 32 of Sneaky Dragon. They are able to convince Mike that he really isn’t a Christmas villain and Ian can finally indulge his desire to talk about all the old TV shows that Dave doesn’t remember: Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Petticoat Junction, Columbo, All in the Family and many more lame-ass TV shows are discussed while Dave stares out the window. Mike also tells about some of his TV and film experiences including his stint as Uncle Fester on the New Addams Family and his recent appearance as Chet in Hot Tub Time Machine (a movie Dave rudely disses – some host!).

From July 13, 2013 – Episode 84 – This week on Sneaky Dragon, Ian and David are joined by actor/writer/all-round entertainer Michael Roberds. You’ll have to listen to find out what happened, but it kind of went like this: video game robots; hard drug use and soft drug use; nobody can do a Welsh accent, but everybody can do an Irish one; handling your snake on Supernatural; Shakespeare is a lot of work; serial killers like the FBI too much; CSI has something to tell you; voluntary suicide; and Quincy hates punk rock!

From July 19, 2014 – Episode 137 – This week on Sneaky Dragon, Ian and David are joined by actor, writer, raconteur and all-around good guy Mike Roberds to talk about Mike’s Hispanic background; Ian brings up the Chipmunks (again!) – they might be the only band he knows; Dave bemoans the disappearing novelty song (but does he even watch YouTube, you might ask); Mike likes TV movies and Dave wonders about a James Garner one (it may not have been a TV movie); Ian helps everyone by fixing the 1994 Maverick (only Ian knew it needed to be fixed); Mike’s looking for a movie – if anyone has or knows where to find a version of Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood please contact Mike through Sneaky Dragon; Mike tells us his adventures working on the set of the Martin Short film Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood; Mike reveals he’s from Langley (that explains a lot); Dave disses Cheech and Chong; Mike asks about comedies that disappointed us and Dave asks about comedies that we never heard of that surprised us; and finally, Ian and Mike have a quick talk about horror comedies, but it’s a subject for the next time we have Mike on the show.

RIP Mike. We sure will miss you.

With all our love,

Ian and Dave


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46 years ago today, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon. In honour of this historic event, Hergé sent Neil Armstrong an amusing drawing that simultaneously celebrated this historic achievement and shone a little reflected glory on the Tintin books. A year later, the French weekly Paris-Match asked Hergé to create a strip […]

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Sneaky Dragon Episode 172

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