Sneaky Dragon Episode 305

by David Dedrick on October 8, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Sneaky Dragon – the podcast that never stops! This week Ian and Dave are joined by the second winner of our “Come Eat with Us” contest Jay Aguera! 

Ian, Dave and Jay make hand signals; get artificial intelligence; have a small gripe; worry about Lazor Razor; do sign language; humiliate the Quebecois; examine Dave’s injury; meet the weirdly religious;  enter the tasting room; imagine garage door dream homes; give thanks; get weird about pasta; go to the spaghetti house; read some Dick Francis; recommend actors learn to ride a horse; give a brief rundown of Amazon Prime; have a little Dollop of Trollope; throw a Jane Austen party; choose a Pride and Prejudice dream cast; get stuck in the clouds; discover Star Trek: Discovery; have some X-problems with race-X characters; do a last-minute Chick Talk™; play crabby dad; and, finally, attempt to Glengarry Glen Ross some lucky cement.

Thanks for listening.

And thanks to Jay for dropping by.

Okay, it was actually a dancing zebra.

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Jay Aguera October 8, 2017 at 1:43 pm

Thanks again, guys! I had so much fun, and I hope I wasn’t too weird!
Also is “Aguera” with one “r”. 😉


Louise October 12, 2017 at 5:06 pm

After hearing you talk about the TV movie adaptation of Dr. Thorne, I watched it with my mom and my sister. They haven’t read the Trollope novel but they enjoyed it. With its many romantic/financial plot twists and turns, so I’m not surprised it was the book Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) chose to adapt. The grand locations and Victorian costumes looked splendid. It’s always interesting to see versatile Brit actors popping up in other roles. The sweet and honorable Mary is played by the same actress who played the young Jane Tennyson in the Prime Suspect prequel. Young aristocrat Frank is played by the actor who is currently portraying the young humble Drake in this season of Poldark.

I’d have to say that Colin Firth is my favourite of the existing Darcy performances. Yeah, that swimming scene was wrong but I guess they were trying to man him up by showing him shaking off the trappings of society and taking pleasure at being on his home turf. I think they cribbed the idea from A Room With A View which had a much better (and naked-er) swimming scene. I don’t have a favourite Elizabeth. Jennifer Ehle is too restrained and Keira Knightly too unrestrained.


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