January 2016

Sneaky Dragon Episode 217

by David Dedrick on January 30, 2016


Hello, all you Sneakers out there! Things keep on rollin’! Also, this show. Keeps on rollin’, I mean. This week on the big show: things get off to a rough start; Dave is still getting older; love your children; love your wife; Robert Benchley and the Algonquin Round Table; who was Bennett Cerf?; dynamic tension; Robert Mitchum and blue comedy; David Letterman visits Vancouver; comedy game shows; comic conventions in the world of superheroes; and, finally, what are Ian and David’s favourite superheroes?

Thanks for listening.

Here is David Letterman’s appearance on the Canadian cooking show, Celebrity Cooks:

Apparently, Robert Benchley is regarded as an official member of the Algonquin Round Table so “nuts” to Dave. Here is one of the many short subjects he made:

Department of Corections:

Dave’s uncanny guesswork about Bennett Cerf was mostly correct except he was a publisher of Random Books, not Doubleday as Dave stated.

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