Sneaky Dragon on Caustic Soda!

by David Dedrick on March 5, 2012

Check out the newest episode of Caustic Soda, featuring Toren Atkinson, Joe Fulgham and Kevin Leeson with special guest, our own Ian Boothby! The show is described thusly:

Ian Boothby, The Simpsons comics writer and co-host of Sneaky Dragon podcast, joins Kevin, Joe and Toren to talk about cyclopean albino sharks, crab parasites, octopus wrestling, prehistoric krakens, the Glore Psychiatric Museum, cement butt implants, ancient Roman lead poisoning, alkaline hydrolisis and other funerary awkwardness. All this plus how to stay in the eye of a tornado and… BADGERS!

Sounds good to me! (Except for the cement butt implant part. And crab parasites. And a couple of other things, but other than that…sounds good!)

You can find the show here or on good ol’ iTunes.

Yay Ian!

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