Sneaky Dragon Episode 270

by David Dedrick on February 4, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! This week, Ian and Dave play with words; feel age creeping up; aren’t excited by a new Ring Trilogy; enjoy old people vs. buses; throw out some new idioms; and chasten tattletales before being joined by regular friends of the show, Vicky Van and Pia Guerra, who dropped by to tell us about Pia going viral; describe their experiences at the Women’s March On Washington; obsess some more about that nasty man, Donald Trump; try to figure out what to do next; admit that Canadians love their Queen; advise you to keep your Facebook friends close and your Facebook frenemies closer; and, finally, ask the important question: do chicks dig metaphors?

Thanks for listening.

Pia’s drawing that is causing all the fuss:

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Louise February 10, 2017 at 5:19 pm

My family and I listened to Pia’s interview with Steele and Drex on Vancouver’s local news/talk radio station CKNW this week. We are so proud of Pia and the attention she is getting for this excellent political cartoon and the others in the series, but we hate the necessity for it. When we watch the news, my mom and I play “How many days without a Trump story?” It’s been “0 days without a Trump story” for months now. I would be great if that could change — and not because his presidency is accepted as the new normal, but because enough awareness is raised to force him out of office.


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