Sneaky Dragon Episode 279

by David Dedrick on April 8, 2017

This is the alternate and preferred title card for Episode 279. Lezah suggested this idea after the original title card was finished, but I’m sure we can agree that this is the better idea!

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 279 of Sneaky Dragon! This week on the gosh-darn show, Ian and Dave start backwards; marvel at all the atheist podcasts; discover God worrks the swing shift; experience awkward religiosity; taste the abomination of McDonald’s all-day breakfast; awaken Ian’s suspicions; learn Dave is still a teenager (but, I mean, dude, look at this sweet ride!); give you a chance to help out Dave; watch Song of the Thin Man and find a young Dean Stockwell; come to terms with comedy spanking; discuss the great Hollywood movies like Anchors Aweigh, On the Town, Singing in the Rain, The Bandwagon, and Meet Me in St. Louis; argue the differences between Hollwood musicals and Broadway musicals, ask, “Whither musicals?”; talk payphones, quarters and late-night bus rides; and, finally, hear another entry about “The One That Got Away” – this time from Dave’s wife, Lezah.

Thanks for listening.

Don’t forget about our two ongoing contests:

  1. Have some dinner with Ian and Dave, and, if you want, watch Sneaky Dragon being recorded. All you have to do is send us a little message that says, “I’d like to eat with you!” and Ian and Dave will treat you to an after-show meal at their favourite White Spot.
  2. Send us your story of a missed opportunity. Please record a two to three minute story and send it to us via email ( or Facebook page. Or Skype Sneaky Dragon and leave a message on our voicemail. David will add a playlist for your story as well.

The One That Got Away – Lezah Williamson

In honour of this week’s story, we are using all Who songs for this playlist – starting with:

Magic Bus – Despite the dubious, if melodic, pleas to get on the magic bus, Lezah wisely refuses, preferring instead to work on her aerobic health and walk to school.
The Kids Are All Right – Lezah, a highly responsible woman in her early twenties, would never put her young charges at risk – except throwing them in the path of hunky pizza servers and filling an elevator with rock stars.
Who Are You – In the elevator, no one knows who anyone is – the Irish hikers are confused by the horseback-riding karate team.
Run, Run, Run – Lezah and her team wisely turn tail and run out of the hotel, across the street and into the waiting arms of a pepperoni pizza.
So Sad About Us – Upon discovering WHO (geddit?) she had run away from, Lezah sadly ponders what could have been – i.e., sex with Roger Daltrey.

Please watch this movie one day:

A cute little moment in a wonderful movie:

It’s not the greatest, but it’s pretty good:

A young Dean Stockwell, a too-old-for-his-part William Powell, and the always beautiful Myrna Loy:

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Louise April 9, 2017 at 1:54 pm

I loved Lezah’s story and Dave’s picks for the soundtrack!

Yes, The Sound of Music and Grease were both stage musicals first. Singin’ In the Rain is my favourite made-for-movies musical. Also All That Jazz.

I prefer Jesus Christ Superstar. You can enjoy the story from a secular point of view…i.e. what happens when a charismatic leader starts a movement that draws the ire of the political establishment. Whereas Godspell is mostly a musical review of the gospel stories…plus clowns…and there is no real drama between characters.

My suggestion for a new Jesus-related observance would fall between Palm Sunday and Good Friday: Curse A Fig Tree Monday. (Mark 11: 12-14) Jesus cursed the tree for being barren so I’d say this is the day you stop doing any fruitless activities and cut the deadwood out of your life.


Ian Boothby April 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm

I’m all for that new holiday. I’m buying a package of Fig Newtons and swearing at it.


Chris April 12, 2017 at 11:38 pm

‘Maximum Marx Bros’? Loved Lezah’s story, especially the line, ‘Roger Daltrey and two other guys from the Who’.


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