Sneaky Dragon Episode 297

by David Dedrick on August 12, 2017

Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 297 of Sneaky Dragon!

May we remind you (or is that inform you?) that Ian and David will be presenting their 300th episode of Sneaky Dragon in the cozy confines of 8th Dimension Comics on August 31st at 7:00 pm. Please circle your calendars and head on down to 2418 Main Street! We look forward to seeing you there.

This week on the show: anonymous compliments; too big pancakes; surprise announcement for Dave; Dave is a liar; comics is hard work; Ian is a liar; concert reviews from Dave – his thoughts on seeing Dungen, Wolf People, The Orange Kyte, and Temples; let’s take a prog rock break; terrible audiences; the balding fox rocks; too many owls; some solid Sparks promotion; Chick Talk™; helpful emojis; best process;  more bathos; Ian is obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy; instructions for Nina Matsumoto; a story from Marcus Harwell; let’s remember APE; and, finally, social media is the same as a front yard.

Thanks for listening.

Here is the playlist for Marcus’ story. This was kind of tricky because there is not much in the way of events to hang your hat on. I mostly chose songs whose title fit elements of the story.

    1. Elvis Costello – Pretty Words – It sounds like it was not so much the pictures in Cerebus that atracted Marcus’ interest, but the words. This song edges out THe Monkees’ “Words” as my favourite words song.
    2. Serge Gainsbourg – Comic Strip – I have no idea what he is singing in this song. The title implies it’s about comic strips, but, lket’s face it, it’s a Serge Gainsbourg songs so it’s probably about sex.
    3. No Fun – Me – Probably the song that best sums up the auto-bio comics scene of which Ian’s I was one of the best.
    4. The Beach Boys – Friends – A song all about the warm, longtime relationships on Facebook, full of warm memories and hard won life experiences.
    5. Cub – Main and Broadway – Marcus’ mysterious love of Canada is now somewhat sated by the little podcast that comes from the neighbourhood namechecked in this ditty.


Now you can be like Marcus and get your story heard on Sneaky Dragon! Send us your story. If you need a prompt, Ian suggested “your secret origin” and Dave suggested “how how you found Sneaky Dragon” Please record a two to three minute story and send it to us via email ( or our Facebook page. Or Skype Sneaky Dragon and leave a message on our voicemail. David will add a playlist for your story as well.

Or be like Marcus and send us a message that says, “I’d like to eat with you!” and if your name is drawn, Ian and Dave will treat you to an after-show meal at their favourite White Spot.

If you like the idea of English folk music combined with Southern-style boogie and a healthy dose of prog-rock, then you might enjoy Wolf People. For sure try to catch them if they play live in your area.

Gotta love those dual leads!

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Caanan August 15, 2017 at 9:14 pm

I loved the talk about comedy contradicting character this week, but have you seen examples of comedy contradicting logic? (Not just our real world logic, “in-story” logic.)

Like Flash, the TV show. He can’t beat bad guys in the blink of an eye, but he can run home, pack up all his belongings and be back with a bag before whoever’s talking to him finishes their next word. Or he’s in line to get coffee, and there are tons of people in front of him, so he whips down the line and all of a sudden everyone has their coffee. Let’s forget for a second that not everyone is going to have what they wanted, but how does he speed up the coffee machines? I even remember in an old issue of Impulse with Mark Waid, where Bart is super bored with video games because he’s beaten them within minutes. Oh ho ho. Yuk yuk. Hilarious! … You can’t speed up a computer’s programming!!

Despite various impossibilities, his speed can be played for laughs in which he seems ridiculously fast, and then when he’s fighting bad guys, he’s suddenly struggling and ridiculously slow.

And my biggest offender right now is Wall*e. Yes, the Pixar movie. (It’s my son’s favourite right now. We watch it A LOT.) But… there are the first few scenes with Eve where we learn she has devastating lasers in her arms, and she reacts at the merest movement. A heck of a surprise that gets quite the chuckle on the first go round, but did no-one think that a machine designed to discover life on Earth maybe shouldn’t fire at the first thing that moves, in case it’s, oh I don’t know… a SIGN OF LIFE?!?

It’s hard to be funny.


Laurel Robertson August 17, 2017 at 8:23 am

Hi guys! I really enjoyed the discussion of “parody” on this episode! Very gentlemanly, giving each other space to make your valid points. It was great!
Also, thanks to Marcus! He did an excellent job of telling his story. So now I wonder what music you will choose, David, to accompany that tale… 🙂

Super good show, Ian and David! And Marcus!
Thanks to all!


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