Sneaky Dragon Episode 315

by David Dedrick on December 16, 2017

Best of the season, Sneakers! Welcome to episode 315. This week Ian and Dave are joined by the final winner of our “Come Eat with Us”, Crystal King and her husband Ryan to overhear Ian and Dave’s movie plans; give some compliments to Dave; figure out some obscure board games; provide some delicious snacks; ride on a penny-farthing bicycle; wear some special bicycle shoes; have an acne mix-up; get into a D & D nerd out; bring babies to the movies; get into a children and environment versus genetics controversy; discuss jobs and shops; do some farming; do the gym thing; worry about net neutrality; discuss concert memories and disappearing venues; controverse about Star Wars; make some Chick Talk™; and, finally, attempt to answer Dave’s question: Are generations divided by age or by cultural phenomenon?

Thanks for listening. And thanks to Crystal and Ryan King for dropping by!

And we would love to hear from you: Are generations divided by age or by cultural phenomenon? Discuss.

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Annabel Brown December 30, 2017 at 2:55 am

Was this the game that you mentioned… card game where you grab the central item?! I played it yesterday with my niece. It is vicious!!

Jungle Speed

Happy new year to you all!!

(Of Totally Tintin!)


Ian Boothby December 31, 2017 at 2:24 am

Yes! So many bruised knuckles.


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