Sneaky Dragon Episode 321

by David Dedrick on January 27, 2018

Ciao, Sneakers! Welcome to Sneaky Dragon Episode 231, which is 1, 2 , 3 in reverse. Or a countdown: 3…2…1…GO!

This week on Sneaky Dragon, Ian and Dave get cold, do plugz; have a delayed Christmas reaction; talk more Porridge; eat cold pie; throw up cool; drink milk; cringe at vegan cheese; have eclectic cheese tastes; navigate the milk and cereal problem; have no sugar, no salt, and no fun; have 1st world body swap problems; discover how not to be rich; say not to butlers; mispronounce P.G. Wodehouse; fuss over cats; wonder what happened to Tony the Tiger; name the alpha cereal mascots; parse sugary versus sugar; have a malt controversy; have a Maltesers controversy; say farewell to Mark E. Smith, controversial singer of The Fall; feel sorry for control freaks; dream of being in a band; remember the Butthole Surfers and Dave Watson; reminisce about late 80s undergroumd rock; and, finally, miss stumble on culture.

Thanks for listening.

LAST CALL for our wonderful NEW CONTEST!

We will be drawing a name when we record the next episode on February 1st!
Simply send us three topics you’d like to hear Ian and Dave talk about for an hour and they’ll make you a Sneaky Dragon episode to listen to all on your own. It’s completely your own show. You can share it or horde it. Whatever you want to do with it. It’s yours!

A couple of Dave’s favourite Fall songs:

First up, from their mid-Eighties epoch:

Next, something from the tail end of their late Seventies line up as they transitioned into their full-on Eighties pomp. From the wonderful Slates EP:

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Caanan January 27, 2018 at 11:33 pm

Okay, I am not a vet, but we do own two cats and we only feed them wet food. (Grain free! Yes – here comes the sermon…)

We got them when we lived in a tiny apartment on a busy corner and they had to stay inside at all times, so their box was, naturally, gross in our tiny space.

Then we discovered that dry food takes approximately 8 hours to digest for cats, yet wet food (or fresh meat, which we also feed them – uncooked chicken wings and the like – sorry Dave) only takes 40 – 60 minutes for them to process. Less time in the poop cycle means less smell.

And yes, cats are obligate carnivores, which means they can (should) only eat meat, which doesn’t stop the companies from pumping wheat, soy and other garbage vegetables in to their product (for “health reasons”, ie. someone somewhere decided cats needed to be humanized and eat more like us).

Fun fact: if you take the meat flavour eat of dry cat/dog food and the cheese flavour out of cheetos/etc. you are basically left with the same thing – an architectural corn husk.

Also, dry pet food was invented during world war II when there was a mad-on for all metal to be turned in to ammunition. Certain canned foods were deemed important enough to still be canned but not pet food. No more canned pet food meant they needed an alternative – thus bagged dry food was born.

(Also, surely a butler pimp is a “butlimp”.) 😉


Chris Roberts January 28, 2018 at 4:28 am

‘Doing porridge’ is a British slang term for serving a prison sentence, derived from what used to be the usual jail breakfast. I remember seeing Going Straight when it was first broadcast. At the time it was a bit of a let down, but it no doubt suffered from hype and high audience expectations, so may well be better than I remember. Clement and La Frenais have written some fantastic scripts.


Louise January 29, 2018 at 5:22 pm

I’m so happy the title cards are back! I love your take on La Vache Qui Rit, a staple in our refrigerator. A little spreadable cheese on raison bread toast with a layer of marmalade…mmm!

My favourite cheese is brie. Wasn’t the main objection the rest of the parents had about the brie that the couple would bring to potlucks on The Runaways that it was homemade brie?


Marcus Harwell January 29, 2018 at 6:57 pm

The “Loaf of bread …” Sesame Street piece for Dave:


KittyLugnut January 29, 2018 at 9:53 pm

Hmmm… okay, here’s my contest entry, and I only have one topic: Your favorite solo album of each Beatle, discussed in the style of Compleatly Beatles. If you want to count that as four topics, I suppose you could leave out Ringo. 😿

And I would want it shared with everyone, just like any other episode!


n. matsumoto February 1, 2018 at 1:37 pm

I use vegan cheese, so I’m very curious about this vegan cheese shop! (Vegan cheese is fine by the way — they vary in quality, just like regular cheeses. I’m not diminishing my quality of life by eating it, and in fact, it doesn’t leave me feeling gross and heavy afterwards like real cheese does so it actually enhances my quality of life.)


n. matsumoto February 1, 2018 at 2:53 pm

(Also Raisin Bran is nutritionally bad because it’s LOADED with sugar. The raisins are coated in sugar!!)


n. matsumoto February 2, 2018 at 9:18 am
Ian Boothby February 2, 2018 at 9:21 pm

Froot Loops are okay though, right?


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