Sneaky Dragon Episode 46

by David Dedrick on October 21, 2012

Hello, all you Sneaky Dragon fans out there! This week David said “good-bye and good riddance” to a fellow podcasting duo and rival show (one down, four thousand, two hundred and six to go); Ian visited David’s stomping grounds and declared his area of residence “sinister”; Dave told a story about “doing a donkey”; it turns out Safeway has poor hiring practices; Ian revealed Dave’s past nicknames; Dave declared a particular means of conveyance “ridiculous”; and for a guy who loves old movies and radio shows, Dave sure has a strange fear. They also discussed one of their listeners Top ten list of movies and Ian told a story that made them look like idiots (as usual).

Don’t forget! An episode of listener’s questions is coming up so get your questions in toot sweet! Be they personal, mechanical or geometrical.

Thanks for listening!

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Michael Roth October 23, 2012 at 10:26 pm

Hey, great show. Glad you could use my top rated and overrated movie lists.

Ian is correct in his assessment of Mall Rats. It’s certainly not Smith’s best movie (which is probably Chasing Amy, although Clerks and Red State Rate highly for me as well). What I like about it are the subtle comedic bits which take place away from the main action. It’s these little touches that make the film a joy to watch for me. Also, Smith envisioned a raunchier comedy, but was rebuffed by the studio. On one of his podcasts, Smith said there was a scene where Jay and Silent Bob were masturbating while one of the female characters were changing in the change room. They come and some of it lands in her hair. The studio told them that they could never do that in a movie. Of course, There’s Something About Mary came along a few years later.

Ian also mentioned wanting to see Eraserhead at a theatre. I love this film and have seen in many times on video. But it was when I saw it on the big screen (at the SUB theatre) that I was struck with how layered and textured the black and whites were. Lynch was really using the variations in the blacks and whites to convey a sense of chaos in the film’s world. (I just hope it wasn’t just a bad print of the film and now I’m reading too much into it.)

One final note. I saw Tim Burton’s Batman in the theatre and was thoroughly disappointed, nay, disgusted. I had Miller’s Dark Knight in mind but noooo. Actually, what sent me over the edge was the scene where the Joker is throwing money from a parade float and only 10 people show up. That is not a crowd scene! Boo!

Ok, final final note. While my daughters love My Neighbor Totoro, their favorite Miyazaki film is Kiki’s Delivery Service. I think they really identify on a very deep level with Kiki’s journey to find herself and become independent. I really appreciate this “girl positive” aspect of many of his films. My daughters get to watch well written, beautifully drawn films that are intelligent and don’t minimize the role of the girls in the story. And as I said, they really identify with the stories and the characters.

Anywho, sorry for the rambling comments. Don’t worry about the shirt. You should be working on those title cards and your comic anyways! Keep on keeping on.



Nettie Tebeau September 9, 2017 at 1:03 pm

Ian should write horror movie plots based on his childhood hallucinations.


Ian Boothby September 9, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Interesting that you should mention that. I’m working on a comic story right now talking about them.


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