Sneaky Dragon Episode 16

by David Dedrick on March 24, 2012

With Jane Luk. Episode 16 of the Sneaky Dragon podcast! Huzzah! This week Dave and Ian were joined by Jane Luk who is not only an improviser and actress, but the winner of the Sneaky Dragon CSI:Miami/Christmas contest! (Ian and Dave forgot to mention that during the show, but Jane was able to pick up her swag in person, saving Sneaky Dragon dollars upon dollars in postage costs. Thanks, Jane.)

In this episode, Ian bravely introduced us to his turning the CN Tower into a second sun theory. (Jane and David slowly backed away.) Ian and Jane talked about musical theatre experiences. Jane discussed her role in a video game and Ian was very interested. Jane also told us about George Lucas’ new girlfriend and described the lovely story of their inevitable hook up (MONEY!). Jane and Ian spent some time describing their careers in improv and Ian contrasted improv with stand up. Ian also told us about Happy Days spin offs – of which there were many (much more than you thought there were – guess the biggest number you can think of, then triple it!). But for all their chit-chat, Dave and Ian forgot to mention that Jane was the CSI: Miami/Christmas contest winner, the dummies. Enjoy!

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