Sneaky Dragon Episode 17

by David Dedrick on March 31, 2012

With Toby Berner. The Sneaky Dragon boys, and by that I mean Ian and Dave, are joined in the studio by Toby Berner, improviser, sketch performer, magician, drummer, hip hop DJ and all-round funny guy. There was lots to talk about on this show: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were discussed; Ian gives us a quick history of Hawkman and Toby performs a quick impersonation; Dave describes a little of his experiences in sales; sales techniques at fairs and carnivals are the subject of a mix of admiration and mockery, which somehow leads into a discussion of magic; Dave attempts to talk about the local hockey team, but Ian heads him off at the pass and turns the discussion into a meditation on Vancouver’s two embarrassing hockey riots. Will Dave ever be able to discuss sports on Sneaky Dragon? Stay tuned!

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